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In 1984, founded by Arif ZALOĞLU, Nur Kireç San.Tic. ve Paz.Ltd.Şti. has been serving to their customers by the brand names of “NUR KIREÇ” and “NUR AGREGA” for more than 30 years with the facilities of aggregate plant, lime pits, lime kilns, lime slaking facility in Adana. It is aiming for increasing the daily capacity of 3,000 tons of aggregates (CaCO3), 1,000 tons of quicklime (CaO) and 250 tons of slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) to 4,500 tons/day with the new investments it will make in 2015.

Nur Kireç is launching, the products of aggregates (CaCO3), quicklime (CaO) and slaked lime powder (Ca(OH)2) they supply to the plaster factories, construction chemicals factories, ready-mix concrete factories, industrial facilities, road and construction sector and especially iron and steel industry and aerated concrete-ytong factories, to the wide markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Africa, Israel, Cyprus, Greece and African Countries in the world and to the areas of Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, Southeast Anatolia and East Anatolia in Turkey.

At the “NUR YAPI KIMYASALLARI” facility which is activated as of 2015 , production of cement based ready mix plaster, adhesive, grouting , ground levelling and repairing mortars, with a capacity of 1200 tons per day has been started. Nur Yapı Kimyasalları is living the excitement and pride of serving to its customers with its durable, high quality products that provides innovative solutions in the construction sector in Turkey and in the world as a result of the hard work executed with the experienced technical team at the modern R&D laboratory established in its structure.

Nur Kireç San.Tic. ve Paz.Ltd.Şti. has set itself the goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction with the environment friendly products it offers in the industrial and retail sector by constantly keeping up with the technology.